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7 Tips For Booking Wedding Entertainment

Entertainment for your wedding is important, and we want to help you make an informed decision. There is a lot to think about, so we have outlined 7 tips for booking your wedding entertainment.

1. Know your limits

Before you book your entertainment, knowing what your wedding location will allow will help you make an informed choice . Discuss with your event planner or venue about any restrictions they may have including a music curfew, or noise limits. If you want aerialists, check that the venue has suitable rigging points. If not the entertainer may have appropriate floor rigs they can offer. If you plan on booking stilt walkers, check how tall the entertainers are and make sure you have adequate ceiling height. The more information you have, the smoother the booking will go.

It's also important to be realistic about your budget, what you want, and what may be available to you may differ. If you get a quote back from the entertainment company, and everything is out of your price range, you can ask them what they have to offer within your budget.

2. What to expect from your entertainment

Professional entertainment companies will have in depth promo kits, websites, or informational emails, that include great photos, videos, bios/descriptions, and anything else to help you get an idea of what they offer.

They always contact you in a timely manor, provided a "service contract agreement" to protect themselves as well as you. They will always communicate with you, explain in detail what services you will receive for your agreed budget, and arrive early to set up, and be ready to wow your guests, and dress and conduct themselves in a professional way, be it on or off stage.

Their equipment, costumes and setup should look neat and new, and compliment your event wedding decor and theme. Really cheap entertainment is that for a reason. It's a lot of work, time and money for a professional entertainer or company to be available for your calls at anytime, be disciplined and skilled in their craft, be equipped to have their performance set up and ready, and be excited to put on an amazing show.

3. Pricing isn't straight forward

Professional entertainment companies will have in depth promo kits, or informational emails, that include great photos, videos, bios/descriptions, and anything else to help you get an idea of what they offer.

It's like buying a car, there are basic priced models with no frills, or luxury cars with luxury add-ons at a higher rate. Before you ask about specific prices, know how many guests are coming, the date, the event location, your theme, and approximate performance times.

It cost money, serious commitment & passion to provide a high end entertainment service and guest experience! Expect to pay for that premium piece of mind, or just go with the cheapest price and hope for the best.

4. Be mindful of wedding season vs off season

Popular entertainers book up quickly during peak season, so be sure to find and book your entertainment as soon as possible. Leaving it to the last minute may leave you disappointed. If your wedding will be during the peak months of June through October, rates for a performance may be a bit higher than those during the rest of the year.

5.Get an Idea about Performer’s Experience

A true professional will have no problem answering any questions about their experience. You can ask them if they have performed at weddings in the past, how many they have done, and if not, how can they tailor their performance to fit your wedding. You should also ask to see and clips and images of the events and performance.

6.Always ask for a Demo Video

A demo video is the only way to judge whether the wedding entertainer is the right fit for your wedding. The demo video should contain short highlights of the segments of an entertainer’s show filming the video in front of a live audience. This will give you a better idea of how the entertainment will fit into your wedding.

7.Know what the price includes

If you are hiring entertainment from out of town, travel costs will be associated with the booking. Many entertainment companies will include the travel expenses into their performance fee, but for some travel is an additional expense. So, make sure you know what the entertainer has included in the cost quoted by you to avoid any surprises.

Be realistic. If you want quality entertainment for your event, research, communicate, and feel a connection before you confirm your choice. Support your entertainers needs to the fullest and let them do what they do best, entertain.

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